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Special Services



About Sagawa-

“We aim to be a total logistic solutions provider trusted and preferred by all people, including communities, customers and employees”

“Sagawa Express, as a core operating company of the SG holdings Group, strives to strengthen and expand our door-to-door delivery service and be a total logistics solution provider in cooperation with our group companies.”


Overnight Courier Service helps you in many ways:

When you’re taking the train to a hotel in Kyoto or to Narita Airport to avoid the hassle of carrying your suitcase on a crowded train. Send it……

When you can’t take the day off to get your documents to the Embassy right away. Send it….

When you need a gift delivered to your friend in Yokosuka for a party tomorrow. Send it….


·         It’s no longer necessary for you to go to a Seven-Eleven, Lawsons or any off-base store.

·         It’s no longer necessary for you to figure out the KANJI to the location of your delivery.

·         It’s no longer necessary to worry about your package getting lost. All packages have a tracking number.

·         We accept your payment in US$.

Bring your package to our office by 1500 hours. We will have your package sent out  that day and confirm the delivery date to you.

International package delivery is also accepted.

Zama ITT will assist you for outbound service but cannot receive packages for you.

Terms and conditions: See Sagawa website