Reclining Buddha

Application Form W2017

Spring Escapade Request
Tour sign-ups will be accepted with a deposit of 20,000 Yen (or equivalent amount in US$) per person. We request everyone fill out the application form and also request you submit a copy of your passport at the time of sign up. Sign-ups are accepted by email or in person at our office. Full payment is required 40 days prior to tour departure. Please carefully read the tour conditions prior to your tour sign-up. You are reminded that each tour program has a different cancellation policy and minimum number of
persons for participation to guarantee the price stated.

There is a minimum passenger requirement for each tour. If the tour you have selected does not meet the minimum participants, the tour price will be adjusted based on the participating number of persons but will not be cancelled. You will be notified a minimum of one month prior to the departure if any changes or adjustments are made to the program.

Prices are quoted in Yen. Payments will be collected in US Dollars by cash, personal check or credit card based on the monthly conversion rate for your convenience. Price quotes are only valid to the last working day of each month in US dollars.

Currently fuel surcharges are being included in your tickets but at any time the airlines may increase this amount. If the change is made during the time before the tour departure, we will have to adjust the tour cost accordingly or issue the airline tickets prior to the deadline mentioned in the cancellation policy. If this should occur, you will be notified prior to the change of policy and have the option to cancel the tour or agree to the amended terms of the tour program.
Please select the number of persons in your party in order to proceed to the final application for the tour of your choice.