Payment may be made for all services in US$ or in Japanese Yen as follows. Normally prices are quoted in US$, but we will quote in Yen if you prefer.
US$ payments may be made by credit card using Master Card or Visa; US$ cash or by check. If you pay by check then the check must be made payable to “IMWRF, HONSHU – Zama ITT” and must include the following information: Name / Rank / Social Security Number* / Duty Station / Home Address / Home or work (duty) phone number / Branch of Service

Japanese Yen payments can only be made in cash at our office or by bank transfer to us through the Japanese banking system. If you want to send payment by bank transfer please contact us for details regarding how to make the bank transfer. We do not accept Yen payments by credit card. If you receive a quote for any services in a Yen amount and desire to make payment in US$ the Yen amount will be converted to US$ at our monthly exchange rate.

*Social Security Number (Unless you obtain a Check Cashing Card from the Camp Zama FMWR Financial Management Office, Bldg 102, Room 209 Tel: 263-5962 and furnish that number to us.)