1. Prices are per person based on sharing a room with 2 twin beds. If you do not have a roommate or desire single room accommodations you must pay the tour fee for single occupancy. Tour prices will be published on a separate list. Tour prices quoted will be based on air and ground costs available at the time the tour is announced. Prices are based on currency exchange rates in effect at that time and are subject to change without notice. If prices are increased prior to departure passengers will have the option of paying the additional amount or canceling and receiving a refund for the tour.
  2. All reservations are on a first-come-first served basis with some tours on a request basis and others with limited space available.
  3. All tours require a $200 deposit that must be paid at the time of sign up. Cancellation/service fees will be charged if you cancel or change reservations. Final payment is due 40 days prior to departure with cancellation fees being applied from that point. Charges/fees will vary depending on exact arrangements made, but normally will be: (Standard policy)
    • 40-31 days before departure-$200 (deposit)
    • 30-15 days before departure-30% of tour price
    • 14-02 days before departure-50% of tour price
    • Day before and on the day of departure-100% of tour price
  4. Passports are required for all tours. Visa processing fees and airport taxes are included in the tours unless otherwise stated. You must have a re-entry permit for Japan (SOFA multiple re-entry stamp). Traveling to most Asian countries your passport must be valid for minimum of 6 months from the day of travel. Specific requirements apply to different citizens. All information should be confirmed with appropriate government embassy, consulate or information office prior to signing up on the tours.
  5. Copies of travel documents: You should make copies of your passport and other travel documents and also keep a record of your airline ticket information including the ticket copy. These copies should be kept with you and separate from your original documents. They will be extremely useful to you in obtaining replacements if the originals are lost or stolen.
  6. Frequent Flyer Mileage: It is your responsibility to check at the airport before boarding each flight to enter your frequent flyer number or to be sure the numbers have been entered.  You should keep a copy of your ticket and each boarding pass in case you need to reapply for mileage not credited. We cannot provide copies of tickets later than 60 days from date of first flight.
  7. Luggage allowance: You are allowed 20 Kilograms (44lbs) on international flights worldwide. Additionally, you are normally limited to one hand-carry item that is small enough to fit under your seat. There is also restriction on the size of check in items (please verify this each time before check in). If you exceed the allowed weight or size of the items, you are responsible for any charges applied. Luggage allowances may vary depending on airline and destination(s).
  8. Children/infant discounts may be available. Please ask for specific information.
  9. You will be notified of any changes in the advertised tour program which may occur beyond our control prior to departure. You will be given the option to cancel the tour or accept the changes at such time as they occur.
  10. Group tours may not include an escort for a part of or the entire trip. Group check-in will normally be made for the group at each departure airport, but notification will be made to tour participants in the event individual check-in is required. Upon arrival at your destination a guide or driver will meet the group tour regardless of whether there is an escort with the tour or not.
  11. Tours maybe cancelled if an insufficient number of people sign up. In the event a tour is cancelled you may request an individual booking omn a Wagamama Tour basis.
  12. Tours will only include those meals, local tours, etc., which are specifically indicated as being included. Other services are at the option of the individual traveler who must make individual arrangements and pay for the services utilized.
  13. No refund will be given in whole or in part for unused days or unused transportation resulting from your late arrival or premature departure.If a premature departure is due to serious illness or injury to you while vacationing or due to death in your immediate family we will provide assistance, however the cost of your return flight will be your sole responsibility.The airline policy for Group tour tickets are on round trip basis and no refund or credit will be made to you. You may also be asked to leave the flight or tour at any time, without refund, if your actions impose upon or disturb others.
  14. All personnel must ensure they are incompliance with DOD Regulation 4500.54-G (DOD Foreign Clearance Guide) with regard to any required country clearances over and above the US State Department’s visa requirements. Department of Defense regulations require that all Military personnel, DOD civilians and their family member receive a Level 1 Force Protection Briefing within 6 months prior to departure to any country other than the United States. Please contact your command force protection office for any clearance required for you to participate on this tour.
  15. Travel health: You should plan for any immunization requirements and be aware of any health risks for travel by contacting your local clinic or hospital.
  16. For Group tours reconfirmation of flights is usually not required. However, please verify this with your local guide or agent at each country.
  17. Money: If you are visiting a foreign country, you are advised to convert a reasonable amount of your US or Japanese currency to the local currency at the airport at your destination. Upon departure from that country, you can reconvert any of the local currency you are holding back to US or Japanese yen. You are reminded, that most moneychangers will not reconvert coins.
  18. Zama ITT is the travel coordinator for all persons taking the tour; and, in this capacity is responsible for making the arrangements stated in the tour itinerary. Zama ITT does not own, manage, control or operate any transportation vehicles, hotels or restaurants or any other suppliers of services. As a result, our company cannot be held responsible for damages considered to be beyond the control of our company. Such damages include, but are not limited to the following:
    • A natural disaster, war, labor disputes, hijackings, or changes to the itinerary.
    • Accidents or fires concerning transportation or accommodation facilities, or any changes to the itinerary or cessation of the tour owing to any of the foregoing.
    • Food poisoning
    • Criminal acts such as robbery and fraud.
    • Delay of transport facilities, change of the tour itinerary, shortening of hours of stay at a destination, missed connections, etc. due to weather, mechanical problems, airport delays or other inconveniences beyond our control.
    • Any extra expenses including meals, accommodations, etc., caused by weather delays or cancellations
  19. Personal Insurance Coverage: All participants are highly advised to be adequately insured for the full duration of their travel arrangements with respect to illness, injury, death, baggage loss, flight cancellations and delays and any other unexpected situations, which might arise prior to or during the tour. Zama ITT will coordinate and assist the participants on the tour regarding any perceived differences but cannot be held liable or cannot refund, waive any policies which are governed by the airlines, hotel or suppliers. In most cases, whenever you encounter any problems on your holiday it is recommended to immediately resolve the matter with the local supplier, airline or hotel..
    Zama ITT will not be liable for dissatisfaction of any additional optional tours or services which are not included in the tour program that you requested or purchased from the tour guide or any local suppliers during the tour. We will not be responsible for disappointment, distress, or lack of enjoyment, which you may encounter due to any unexpected changes to the schedule, which could not be controlled by our company.

Tour coordinator is Millesimes Inc., 4-11-27 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 Japan. Tel: 03-3295-7413 JATA 2003